Don’t Forget To Ask These Questions Before Finalizing A Wedding Caterer!

Don’t Forget To Ask These Questions Before Finalizing A Wedding Caterer!

Hiring a wedding caterer can be really confusing. While you probably have a budget in mind, it is also important to consider and manage guest expectations. Every wedding is different – some are small intimate affair between two families, while others may have more than a hundred guests.

Below are the questions worth asking before selecting a wedding catering service!

Are your available?

That’s a valid question, especially if you are getting married during a holiday or on a weekend. Make sure that the caterer is available, because many often outsource their contracts.

What are your standard menus?

What are your standard menus

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Most wedding caterers have standard menus and an average cost for each plate. Before looking for customization, check the same to find it any of the options fits your bill.

Are you licensed to serve alcohol?

Don’t be surprised to know that wedding catering services often don’t have the required licenses and permissions to do their job. Make it a point to check their credentials.

Do you offer delivery services?

If you have less than 50 guests, it is always better to go for a delivery service, which includes the food with required serving instructions. You will also get disposable ware as a part of the deal, and as needed, you can insist on having a server too for an extra charge.

Do you have your own team?

When it’s your big day, you would want things to be sorted. Get a caterer that has an experienced and trained team of bartenders and servers. If required, meet the team in person.

What about bar services?

What about bar services

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This is typically not included in the food menu, but wedding caterers may have bat deals on offer, which can be further customized. You will need at least one bartender for around 50 to 70 people, so do ask for that, as well.

Will you offer everything on a contract?

If you have been promised things beyond their standard deal, take a moment to ensure that everything is on paper. A contract with your wedding caterer will save you from many hassles.

On the last note, do plan things a bit early. Most caterers accept bookings months in advance, so you may have to settle for a different option. Not to forget, advance deals often ensure better prices and discounts. If your budget permits, go for a tasting session, so that you can understand the flavors of their signature dishes.