21 Brilliant Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

The Nautical Wedding Theme as the Brilliant Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

Baby Blue Wedding Theme

Baby Blue Theme

Having the exceptional wedding theme can be really delightful to the wedding couple, related family or for the guests. If you think that the whitey them is just too ordinary for you, then it is legal for you to pick any distinct theme and this time we recommend you to have the blue wedding theme. Blue theme offers you the limitless theme of a wedding reception and party.

Blue is frequent to be related with the harmony faithfulness, confidence and also infinity. With these symbolizations of the blue color, you can have the various blue wedding ideas of your wedding ceremony and reception. For your information that this color also can be applied for the autumn, winter and also outside wedding theme, yet the blue variations are highly needed for this case.

Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

One best example of blue wedding theme application is by having the nautical wedding theme. This kind of theme is likely match with any outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. Then, the light blue is the perfect tone for dominating the details. You might want to add several decoration if you prefer to have it as the beach wedding party though.

The major decorations such as the wedding flower centerpieces, garland, boutonnieres, tablescape and also bouquet have the important roles here. With their dominant existence, they are plotted to establish the accentual blue image of your wedding party. The turquoise flower is the most excellent choice for the decoration then. The soft blue tone from this kind of flower offers you the calm and blessed scheme into the whole parts of the wedding setting.

On the other side, you also must be careful in involving the turquoise with any other ornament. Some advices for you that at least you have the white and black color as the partner of the light blue tone. For the day and outdoor wedding, we recommend you the white and for the night and indoor, black is quite enough. Have the turquoise alstroemeria which is quite balance for any kind of theme.

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Enrich the blue wedding theme with the involvement of this color in essential stuff like the wedding cake or even for the bride’s or the bridesmaid’s wedding dress. Once again, the turquoise bouquet with the white rose is a quite good mix though.

To strengthen the blue wedding theme ideas, have the blue theme since the beginning. You can start it from your invitation or the other stationery. Give the blue accent with the ribbon or any other ornament for completing your brilliant wedding theme.

21 Brilliant Blue Wedding Theme Ideas

Light Blue Wedding Theme

Light Blue Theme

Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Royal Blue Theme

Blue Purple And Silver Wedding Theme

Blue, Purple and Silver Theme

Navy Blue Wedding Theme

Navy Blue Theme

Sky Blue Wedding Theme

Sky Blue Theme

Dusty Blue Wedding Theme

Dusty Blue Theme

Dark Blue Wedding Theme

Dark Blue Theme

Cobalt Blue Wedding Theme

Cobalt Blue Theme

Purple Blue Wedding Theme

Purple and Blue Theme

Aqua Blue Wedding Theme

Aqua Blue Theme

Blue Green Wedding Theme

Blue and Green Theme

Coral And Navy Blue Wedding Theme

Coral and Navy Blue Theme

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

Tiffany Blue Theme

Blue Themed Wedding Cakes

Blue Wedding Cakes

Midnight Blue Wedding Theme

Midnight Blue Theme

Red And Blue Wedding Theme

Red and Blue Theme

Royal Blue Gold Wedding Theme

Royal Blue and Gold Theme

Blue Wedding Decorations For The Tables

Blue Decorations For The Tables

Royal Blue Wedding Theme Favors

Royal and Blue Theme Favors

Blue Themed Wedding Invitations

Blue Wedding Invitations