Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

When hiring a professional photographer who will capture precious memories of your special day, you shouldn’t shy away from asking questions. It might seem like you’re boring the photographer, but any true pro will be happy to answer as many questions as you can think of, as long as they are relevant. The more relevant questions get asked, the less likely are problems and misunderstandings along the way.

Here are some essential questions you shouldn’t forget to ask your wedding photographer.

Ask to See a Sample of a Contract

Most serious studios offer a contract that you will both have to sign. Ask to get a sample copy of the contract which you can study for a couple of days before signing. That will give you a good idea of both yours and the photographer’s rights and obligations

What Does a Package Include?

Most professional photographers offer their services in forms of pre-calculated packages – for a certain price, you will get a certain number of photos in a digital format and/or in print, a certain type of post-processing and perhaps some extras, such as an additional photographer to shoot important moments from a different angle. Of course, different studios offer different packages, so make sure you go through all the points and pick a package that is best for you. See if the photographer is flexible about adding or removing certain points, so you can get the best service that still matches your budget.

Ask to See a Portfolio and a Full Sample Album

Ask to See a Portfolio and a Full Sample Album

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A portfolio is a collection of the photographer’s exemplary work. This is usually a collection of their best shots from various weddings. However, since you’ll be interested not only in the best of the best, but in the whole picture, truly experienced wedding photographers also showcase sample albums of entire weddings, beginning to end.

For instance, Ireland’s wedding pros Infokus offer a classic portfolio selection in their gallery, as well as full albums you can browse through. By studying these selections, you will get a better idea of what your own photo album will look like.

The Type and the Amount of Post-Production

Some people like natural-looking photos, while some prefer heavily photoshopped ones. Most photographers can offer both options, but the most important thing is that you are on the same page from the start. What is the basic post-processing your photographer does for all customers? Can this default amount of post-production be decreased or increased, and is it additionally charged? If the photographer puts a lot of effort and time into creating effects you haven’t even wanted, you’ll both end up quite unhappy.

Who is Taking the Photographing?

Who is Taking the Photographing

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This is so simple a question it often gets overlooked. Some photographic businesses are one-man shows, but some are more elaborate systems with several photographers doing the shooting. You have to ask the question in order to be sure if you’re talking to the person who is actually going to be at your wedding. There is no point to go into detail with somebody who is just an employee of the same studio, and not the actual person who is going to be taking your photos. Always ask to talk to the person who will be doing the shooting.

Will There Be a Second Photographer?

Having a second photographer is convenient, since some scenes can be portrayed from different angles, which is quite useful for the most critical moments of the weddings, such as walking down the aisle. Ask if there is the possibility of having one more photographer or assistant and if it is charged additionally. If you can afford it – go for it.

What About Insurance?

Ask your photographer if insurance covers his equipment. The last thing you will want is to pay for somebody’s camera that fell into the lake because you haven’t asked about this in time.

What is the Average Delivery Time?

What is the Average Delivery Time

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Because of the sheer amount of photographs, and the fact that post-processing takes time, you will probably have to wait quite a while – weeks, even months – before you receive all your photos. You will get impatient, so it is good to know the turnaround time in advance – you will lose fewer nerves.

Feel free to ask other questions, such as what happens if your photographer gets sick on your wedding day, or if you’re not satisfied with the result. These are all valid questions, and a true professional should make you feel secure and comfortable. After all, they are the one who will be handling and creating some of your most precious memories which could be inherited by future generations. Why risk spoiling it because you didn’t ask the right questions on time?