20 Unique Contemporary Engagement Rings

Unique Contemporary Engagement Rings

A contemporary engagement ring says something about your taste for fashion and sense of style. You can look young and modern with any contemporary design that will stay looking great through the ages. A contemporary engagement ring doesn’t have to shout “over the edge” or be obviously trying to make a rebellious statement. Contemporary style engagement rings simple mean you know style. It will forever be a reminder of what was the hottest trend the year you got engaged.

Contemporary Style Engagement Rings

Contemporary Style Engagement Rings

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The first and most important consideration in selecting contemporary engagement rings is to choose modern jewellers who are up of the latest design trends. Modern jewellers are mostly found in larger cities and are specialized boutiques versus the chain mall jewellery store. A well-known reputation will also ensure top quality gold and diamond in your ring design.

Modern diamond rings can be set in gold, silver, or platinum. The shape and thickness of the ring will give it that contemporary look. Diamonds can be complimented with other gemstones or cut and placed in interesting, unusual and well, modern placements to create an overall ultra-contemporary look. Many contemporary rings use sapphires and rubies with diamonds.

Some things to consider in designing modern diamond rings are whether the ring will be worn alone or with a wedding band. The two will need to work together if they are to be worn together so they should be designed together. Secondly, take into account what the groom’s ring will look like and what his preferences are. Usually a couple’s wedding rings match in some way.

Custom Contemporary Rings

Custom Contemporary Rings

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If you are designing your own contemporary engagement ring it is a commitment unlike purchasing a ready-made setting. You may not be able to return the ring should the commitment to marry change. Jewellers may have policies about returning a custom style ring. The may be especially true of contemporary styles over traditional styles that could sell more easily. However, once you are aware of the jeweller’s policies, you should simply go with your instinct and preferences in designing your own contemporary engagement ring.

Unique Contemporary Engagement Rings

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