Great Appearance Unique Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Unique Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring would make unique appearance at anyone hand. This style of cut, as implied by the name, is the same style that used for emerald. People start to cut diamond on this shape to preserve value. This cut allows diamond stone to be shaped beautifully without reducing its size.

Emerald cutting style makes the possibility of people to sell their diamond with good value. The advantage of appearance is quite significant. The cutting style allows diamond to display good reflection of light that goes through it. Colored diamond will get the best advantage of this style. The tint would become more obvious than other cuts. This makes the idea of having emerald cut for a diamond become one of the best idea of wedding ring style.

Women would always prefer to have big stone on their wedding ring. Unique Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring allows you to have big wedding ring stone without spending too much money. The way you put it on your ring and the great design of your band would make the shape of your finger and the ring combination looks great.

Women with small finger can have the advantage of emerald cut if they set it length wise to the finger. The size wouldn’t be too big but enough to give the finger full cover of beauty. Women with fat finger should choose square shaped cut because rectangular shape would lose its significance of shape. You could also set the stone length along ring band to enhance its unique appearance. This idea is suitable for any finger.

This idea is also suitable for men. Men’s finger is mostly big. This make their ring also have fat band to give two impressions; that the ring is made for men and to give best coverage to the finger. The big band allows you to set Unique Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in any way you like.

You can make your own idea about the ring stone placement and design. Emeralds cut are common to be combined with other stone. This opens big opportunity to many types of stone arrangement and setting.

The weakness of emerald cut diamond is the visibility of diamond weakness become bigger. The big face that becomes one of this cut significant feature makes your diamond feature flaw become easily visible. It is much better to choose the best diamond quality that available on your price range for your Unique Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring.